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Watch Your Language 2013

Post  deals_citylit on Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:01 am

If you’re an interpreter, a CSW or a Deaf professional who uses interpreters or CSWs – you may be interested in our Watch Your Language one-day conference at City Lit, Covent Garden, London.

The conference will be on THURSDAY 4th April 2013 (2 days before Deaf Day on Saturday 6th)…

We’ve a great line-up of conference speakers this year - Jemina Napier, Peter Llewellyn-Jones and Clara Allardyce.

The conference presentations are as follows:

Jemina Napier: ‘Interpreting competence and standards: whose competence, what competence and how?’
Peter Llewellyn-Jones: ‘How research is redefining the role of the interpreter’
Clara Allardyce: ‘The role of the Deaf interpreter’

The afternoon workshops are 1 hour 15 mins each, and there are two slots (each workshop is repeated), so you can choose to attend two.
The workshops on offer this year are:

Jemina Napier Making the right impact:
Collaborative strategies for deaf professionals and interpreters in producing quality voice-over

Clara Allardyce Translating for media & the level 6 diploma in Sign Language Translation
Thaisa Whistance Speaker reflection in job interviews

Marian Grimes Linguistic access for deaf students and language service professionals (LSPs)

Jeff Brattan-Wilson & Rob Wilks Legal interpreting: a snapshot

Russell Aldersson BSL/English interpreter? So how’s your English?

You can now download the conference information and registration forms yourself from the City Lit website: or email

Some of the workshops are booking up fast – so if you’re planning to come, please send your registration form back as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Plus, we can only fit 120 people in the conference hall so first come, first served!

Hope to see you there!


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