Deaf and hard of hearing co-reserchers needed for notetaking research

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Deaf and hard of hearing co-reserchers needed for notetaking research

Post  melanie thorley on Mon May 09, 2011 9:02 am

apologies for any cross-posting and if this is of no interest

As some of you may recall, I am currently studying for a Doctorate in Education (University of Greenwich, UK) and this request is the second phase of data collection. The title of my thesis is Evaluating the Experiences of D/deaf University Learners who have been Supported by Notetakers During Their Higher Education Studies: A Transformative Study. All of the required paperwork for the Research Degrees Committee and the University Research Ethics Committee has been completed and approved. My supervisors are Professor Patrick Ainley and Professor Pam Maras.

The questionnaire is for Deaf and hard of hearing university learners who have been supported by notetakers at any stage during their university education. The questionnaire is mostly comprised of multiple choice questions with spaces for comments. The questionnaire should take about 20-30 minutes to complete. The resulting answers will be used to produce a comprehensive list of recommendations for notetakers themselves, D/deaf students supported by notetakers, teaching staff with notetakers in their classrooms and for standard students who have a notetaker in their classes. All of the D/deaf learners who complete the questionnaire will be given a copy of the recommendations for their own use as a thank you. As befitting a transformative study, the students who complete the questionnaire are regarded as co-researchers, not subjects or participants.

The questionnaire is in Smart Survey and can be found at the following link: .The closing date for completed questionnaires is 31st July 2011 and the recommendations should be available in the autumn. I am aiming to gather a minimum of 100 completed questionnaires which means every single questionnaire is vital – the more questionnaires I receive, the more robust the research; and the more D/deaf learners will have had the opportunity to have their say on the subject. If you are, or have been a recent D/deaf university student, please consider completing this questionnaire yourself and please forward this request to colleagues, students, staff, family, friends etc. who may be eligible to take part.

Regards and thanks in advance

Melanie Thorley

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