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Post  susan sullivan on Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:58 am

Hello - this is the first time I have used this website. I work at Sussex University in Brighton, and we are trying to develop a computer software programme that can be used by deaf children in schools to help them with reading comprehension. Many hearing and deaf children aged between 7-11 years have difficulties understanding stories and things they have read. But this is a bigger problem for deaf children than hearing children. Problems like this at school can have huge impacts on a child's self-esteem, so it's really important to see if we can solve this problem for school-aged children.

There are very few resources for school-aged deaf children to help them improve their reading comprehension. We would really like to redress this balance, and provide an excellent learning tool for deaf children. I am really hoping that, through this website, I might be able to make contact with educator's of deaf children (aged between 7-11 years) because, at this stage, I would really like to talk to some educator's and find out their opinions on reading comprehension difficulties, and to find out what they currently do to help such children in the classroom. I can do this in a brief 15 mins telephone conversation or by email.

Any help would be gratefully received. I can be contacted either at work on 01273 876652 (you can leave a message if I'm not there) or on email at

We can not design a tool that will be of help, unless we are helped by those who already teach deaf children - we value and want your opinions urgently

Many thanks


Dr Susan Sullivan
Sussex Uni

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